“A Voice for the Anthropocene”

Here is a very generous review by Amitav Ghosh of Swimmer Among the Stars: Stories, my debut collection of short fiction, in advance of its January publication in India by Aleph. “What caught my interest,” Ghosh writes, “is the manner in which Tharoor breaks with the fictional conventions of this era. It is as though he were conjuring up possibilities that are better suited for times to come.” He quotes from several stories, discussing their curious engagement with (or elision of) the nation-state, and the way they “slide sinuously over time.” Ghosh writes in conclusion that “these stories give us a foretaste of some of the ways in which the uncanniness of the Anthropocene will express itself in years to come. Swimmer Among The Stars announces the arrival of a writer who is gifted not just with extraordinary talent but also with a subtle, original and probing mind.”

You can read the full review at: http://amitavghosh.com/blog/?p=7313

Swimmer Among the Stars: Stories will be published in India by Aleph this coming January, and by Picador in the UK and Farrar, Straus and Giroux in the US in 2017.


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