Many of my past articles and blog posts appear on, where I was associate editor. Please click here for a comprehensive list of work there. This site will publish excerpted versions of my latest pieces in all publications.

A selection of older essays and commentary published outside

Picked-up pieces“, 30 April 2009, The National — on the powers and limits of archaeology

The problem of cultural property“, 16 March 2009, The Guardian — on nationalism and universal heritage

The art of the state“, 13 March 2009, The National — on Shah ‘Abbas

Prison-house of language“, 2 January 2009, The National — on Abdelfalah Kilito and translation

Building Babylon“, 19 December 2008, The National — on Mesopotamian antiquity and its imaginings

The solution will not be televised“, 12 December 2008, The National — on terrorism and moral modesty

This is an Indian atrocity – not the West’s“, 30 November 2008, The Independent — on the Mumbai attacks

The view from Outremer“, 10 October 2008, The National — on a 12th century Arab memoir of the Crusades

Away game“, 29 August 2008, The National — on cricket in New York City and Joseph O’Neill’s Netherland

Orient express“, 27 June 2008, The National — on Orientalist art

I’m enfranchised!” 4 May 2008, The Guardian — on voting for the first time

Getting cozy with Musharraf“, 30 March 2008, The Hindu — on the General and Pakistan’s liberal elite

Globalization of soccer kicks local fans“, 25 February 2008, YaleGlobal Online — on Arsenal

Playing to the gallery“, 30 April 2007, The Times of India — on Benazir Bhutto

The local war on terror“, 3 April 2007, The Telegraph (Kolkata) — on al-Qaeda

A delicate brush“, 5 November 2006, The Hindu — on Orhan Pamuk